April 16th

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Lets clear this out! 

Yes, we are the couple from the cat pic, but that story is fake! we didnt wrote it!
Fortunately the real story is much more happy. Thats why we decided to upload a photo from our families together, our parents and our sisters! We have supportive families that love us and acept us. Is important to us that you share the real story behind this photo because is much more powerful and positive the true story, and we like to spred the positive message that everything always turn out just fine! you dont have to hide this from your family, they just need time to understand. The soon you tell them the soon you stop suffering and the aceptation process begin. 
Love to all of our followers and please share the real story and the positive message that we want to spred!

Aclaremos esto! 

Si! Somos nosotros los de la foto del gato pero esa historia no es real, nosotros no la escribimos!
Afortunadamente la historia real es mucho mas feliz. Es por eso que decidimos subir esta foto de nuestras familias juntos, nuestros padres y hermanas. Tenemos familias que nos apoyan y nos aceptan. Es importante para nosotros que compartas la historia real detrás de esa foto porque es mucho mas poderosa y positiva que la falsa, y queremos esparcir el mensaje positivo de que todo siempre termina saliendo bien! No tenes q esconderles esto a tu familia, ellos solo necesitan tiempo para entenderlo. Mientras mas rápido se los digas mas rápido vas a dejar de sufrir y el proceso de aceptación va a comenzar mas rápido. 
Cariños a todos nuestros seguidores y por favor compartan la historia real y el mensaje positivo que queremos esparcir!


Reducing an out of context picture of strangers to inspiration porn is so dehumanizing.

Oh internet you are so full of dark and light I just don’t even know what to make of you sometimes!

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April 15th

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What You Say: "Want to go see a movie?"
What A Person With A Chronic Illness Hears: "Do you want to drive 20-30 minutes which could triggers pain and headaches, hope we find a close parking spot because otherwise walking a long way will trigger symptoms like pain, dizziness, and fatigue, go stand in line for an undefined amount of time which could be too long for you to handle, sit in seats that are generally not supportive which can cause back/shoulder pain, and look up at a screen for 2-3 hours which could cause muscle or joint problems, and then do the rest of that again to get back home?
What You Say: "Do you want to go grab dinner?"
What A Person With A Chronic Illness Hears: "Do you want to go try to consume food ,and may or may not need to inconvenience the person you're going with by trying to find a place that can serve food safe for you to eat because of allergies/intolerances? And sit in likely not comfortable chairs/booths for what could end up being a much longer time than you are able to sit in said chairs/booths without causing major pain that will last until you get home and possibly into the next day (making it hard for you to accomplish the school/work/family things you need to do tomorrow?) Also, want to drive/ride in the car that may or may not be comfortable and may make your chronic pain worse, which could also last into the next week?
What You Say: "Do you want to go to this concert?"
What A Person With A Chronic Illness Hears: Do you want to go spend an extended period of time walking and standing, which will increase pain and fatigue possibly for the next few days, (meaning you won't be able to get out again until you recover from this,) and be surrounded by likely over-stimulating noise and lights of a busy venue, plus driving to get there and back?
What You Say: "Do you want to go to this party?"
What A Person With A Chronic Illness Hears: "Do you want to go socialize with a group of people who probably won't understand or be willing to understand why you are: constantly trying to find a comfortable place to sit (which, by the way, there might not be at all, meaning you might be in extreme pain the next day or few days,) why you aren't eating/drinking what they are because you're "allergic," why you seem tired, or why you have to leave early if your symptoms become too much to handle while there?
Moral of the Story: If we say Yes, know we're probably sacrificing a lot of energy/recovery time that we need for school/work/family for this, and don't judge us when we try to make some of it easier ie. not walking farther than we have to,or hurrying through stuff if we're in pain. If we say No, it's not because we're "lazy" or don't want to hang out with you, we just might not physically be able to go.
(Bonus: What You Say: "You go to class/work and doctors appointments, why can't you come out with us too?"
The Answer: Because we NEED to go to class and work and doctors appointments, and we already miss too many days because we are sick frequently. So work/school and doctors have to be our priority, and as much as we would rather make social life a higher priority, it just isn't always possible; we need our energy for the things that are absolutely required, and we may not have any left over.

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This picture is in time with the average heart rate. What you’re hearing is the sound of your blood pumping, which you aren’t normally aware of. This picture tricks your mind into making yourself aware of your heart rate, so you hear it.

i will never stop being freaked out by this

holy shit tits

WHat tH E FUCk

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There was a time in my life where “all nighters” were fun and elective…. let that sink in

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7:47PM // 1,969 notes // Being young and sick is sorta like being elderly, except we lack the reflection on all the great times and great things we did long ago. Instead, we watch our peers make the memories and strides they’ll look back on fondly, bitterly observing and praying for our chance. Our time.

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Sending you spoons from Florida!

April 14th

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do i even have a sense of humour anymore or do i just laugh at badly worded sentences

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oh tumblr with your superlock and dr. natural and sherwho xD


oh boy



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